No to RAGGING :\

Today, one of my friends rang me from Pune, NDA. He had been to there for barely a month after clearing all the SSB and things which involved even a minor surgery, you know determination matters. The first thing he told to me was ” Tony, if you ever have a child, don’t send him to NDA”. I was deeply moved by this (not the child thing though šŸ™‚ ) as I knew his mind.He told he was asked to run for about 12 miles in the sun and each day the push-ups he needs to take for the seniors was difficult to count. Little sadistic, but my favorite was standing on two hands, legs high, and asking to count back from 120 :o.Ā  He said how first years were to treat seniors as God, not look unto the eye, share the same pathway like the unaccountability age and so on. The authorities are pleased to call it, ‘Hardening the Firsties’ and look blindly at things. I couldn’t believe how these could ever happen in the prestigious institutions of INDIA, and how they would be able to bring out better personals.

This is not obsoleteĀ  wianti_ragging1th the NDA. Things are much worse throughout. Money and fun is the usual provokers, often led by crude sadists who just need to enjoy the chaos. The laws are strict on the other side, yet as always implementation is the trouble. Examples of ragging are all over the news and I don’t want to bore you with it. The thing to be asked is what can be done ?

Why are our seniors provoked to rag the juniors? The answer is simple, they too got ragged badly when they were Juniors :). So, if this chain continues, things will never get down. This is not a right act to be passed through generations. If we decide to NOT DO IT on our juniors, they wont be intimidated to do the same to their siblings. Exceptional cases are there, which can only be dealt with Laws and Decisions.

Fortunately for me, Amrita didn’t do any such ragging to me and the last time I was caught and asked to sing in front of them seniors, I opened my mouth, reached for two lines, and they were forced to stay STOP :P. you know, quality matters. Share your experiences below. Take the pledge, NO TO RAGGING!.