Kannur – my home

Kannur..!, I can assume that the first image coming to your mind on the pronounce of Kannur would be some bloodsheds and party politics fed area where people cut and kill for fun 😦 . The recent progressions would be confirming but, beleive me, Kannur is not anything like that.!

Everywhere I tell , ” Hi ,I’m from Kannur “, I often feel that change in looks and terms followed by  that usual smirk, ” Why that’s an awful place to be bro , Do they still play with bombs ?” . Naturally, I cant start explaining the entire history of my homeland, the ups downs and blood-sheds which would’ve been or would not have been avoided ; consider this my apology.

Kannur is seated in the heart of North Kerala or Malabar , famous for it’s exports and immigration of early Christians from the mid-Kerala. My family was too from the south-Kerala when they were struck withsevere famine and my great-great Grandpa  had to leave in search of new hope and they ended here ;Malabar never failed them though!. Since then it had been a land of loving peoples (sometimes love can go blind though, as it would’ve happened here 😀 ).  Last week I had this conversation with a Taxi driver , he says ” yeah . the people of Kannur are so caring ‘ . Yes. you ask for some route while driving in your car at Kannur, I assure you they would tell you the truth (Not a Big Deal ?.. yes..! , but I got fooled 3 times at Kollam though) .

Even if I provide infinite examples of goodness, blotches the Party politics was able to spill up is not going to get erased, I know. Why always Kannur ? . Of course we have the best and the sharpest politicians of Kerala politics here. The Jayarajans, Pinarayi, A K G , Sudhakaran so and so. Some of the best communists sprouted here. My hats-off to them.! Politics takes a deep stand there, even we had weeks with more than 3 ‘Hartals’  and ‘bhandhs’ 😮 .Student politics running into blood-sheds is a sign of lukewarm attitude to corrections.

Hope things will change ..! Beleive me, Kannur is a nice place to hang out with .