NIT-Calicut was always my dream college, and this time, when our mentor told us about the the ‘ FOSS meet’ , we had little hope that things would turn out well, and above all that we would be going.To elaborate, we left from Amritapuri on 22/02/13 morning by the 7:00 a.m bus and it was nice too see all the long and tiresome meetings and speculations regarding the trip coming to an end .Yes, we were going at last !. Our team comprised of 21 members with about 9 boys and the rest of them girls, with our P.hd scholar- Giri and our sister Sowmya. Somehow, we managed to catch the Parasuram Express (or was it ? :\), the ladies made it into their compartment, and since there was no gents coach, we made it on our legs for a few hours. #giri was trending in the compartment and we never felt bored. Later, we arrived at Calicut at about 4:00 pm in the evening.  Little refreshments, and we set out to the prestigious NIT-C canteen and the college 😀 ;yes, we were damn hungry. The canteen was cool, yes.!

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