Where the media is taking us: -ve popularity

Today when we talk about freedom of the media and serious stuff like that, we often forget or seem to neglect the influence it is having on the society.newHere is the front-page of one of the top daily Newspaper in my state, Kerala. I hope many of my non-keralaite readers wont have got the clue, I will make the things clear. The man who is portrayed on the front cover, posing like a superstar is Mr Bhitti Mohanthi, as wikipedia states    ‘is a high profile criminal sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment for raping a German tourist at Alwar, India and was since absconding after he was released on parole on 20 November 2006 to meet his ailing mother at Cuttack, Orissa.’ He was arrested recently from my place, Kannur, where he has been working in a Nationalized- bank via fake id’s and in fake name.

The point I need to bring to you is not about the capture of this big fraud, but how our media celebrated the arrest. Should he be thrown into the spotlight, like where the newspaper had just put him right now ?. Should the tens and lakhs of readers of the paper be forced to consider him as some war-time hero or whatever. Seriously, I am not envious about someone getting into the front page, but I am bit mad at some criminal like him getting crowned that way.

This is not just standalone instances but the enthusiasm of our media to exploit and celebrate these type negative popularity is getting strong day by day. A month ago it was the intelligent thief – ‘Bhandi Chor’ issue getting hot every where.Newspapers where explaining each and every steps he took in his missions like a detective novel with a star villain. Even the cunning actions by the police was not appreciated in getting this guy behind the bars.

The effect it has, especially on the coming generation is infinite. Weak people are motivated by the fame they gets, the complexities in their planning and the way they executes the same. They end up rehearsing the same live and often end up in jails. As our former president, Dr. Abdul Kalam quotes in his visions for INDIA speech in IIT-H ,” Why is the media here so negative? Why are we in India so embarrassed to recognize our own strengths, our achievements? We are such a great nation. We have so many amazing success stories but we refuse to acknowledge them. Why? ” .

Hoping for an unbiased-ethical-passionate media, but even the statement looks corrupt. 😀