Sharing your Linux folders with Android over FTP [ Samba + ES Explorer ] [2/2]

You would’ve got how to start files sharing samba service running in your linux machine in the previous post ( If you haven’t yet [part1] ). Now lets go to the fun part – accessing the file system from your Android phone.

You need to access the samba shared files in /media/sam/mypics from your Android phone.

  1. Android phone with ES-Explorer or similar app installed
  2. Your linux machine having samba service running

The approach is still the same:
Install FTP server and samba file share in your linux machine with login. Access it via your ES Explorer in Android phone

  1. Setup a WiFi hotspot in your Android phone, and connect your laptop with itmakingHotspot
  2. Obtain the IP address of your Linux machine by sudo ifconfig
  3. Open ES-Explorer in your Android phone, and go to LAN -> Add new as per the figureunnamed
  4. Give the IP address of the Linux machine you got, and the username and password as what you gave while setting up Samba ( ref: [part1] ).addingFTP
  5. Next time, you can see that your FTP server automatically shows up !
  6. Enjoy 🙂

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