Remove and commit a composer dependency in vendor/

Reverting a composer dependency addition directly via ‘Revert Change’ from gerrit would break composer, as we experienced after merging The patch was to revert Plancake dependency due to compatibility issues in HHVM. I was un-aware of the fact that removing a dependency from composer.json would actually remove the dependency references from the vendor/ directory. Summing up – the correct way of producing a removal of a composer dependency would be:

  1. Remove the dependency from composer.json
  2. run composer update
  3. git add – -all
  4. git commit

A backport to an earlier branch can be produced with the following steps:

git pull --rebase
git checkout -b 'backportTo15' orgin/wmf/1.25wmf15
vi composer.json //remove dependecny
composer update
git add --all
git commt

If you screw up your backport in between – this would be an easy fix :

cd vendor
git pull --rebase
git review -d <change_id>
git checkout origin/wmf/1.25wmf15 . // would reset all files to wmf/1.25wmf15
vi composer.json // and remove the un-wanted dependency
composer update
git add --all 
git commit --amend
git review -R

Some moments from wikimedia-dev 🙂
[17:09:38] tonythomas: You’re meant to get composer to update itself. Otherwise it makes a huge mess.
[17:11:28] tonythomas: Yeah, composer and git aren’t friends. 😦

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