[Grub] Situation : prepared USB drive wont boot in UEFI mode after dd.

Bah ! If you are in that situation when you created the Linux live USB disk using dd as per my previous post[1] and reboot to find out that the UEFI entry for the USB drive is not listed in the bios boot menu – I bet – You would be frustrated.

This situation happened almost a dozen times to me – specifically while using debian-7.2-kde-live.iso. Believe me, this can be tackled as far as you are getting the grub_rescue> terminal on reboot.

You can move forward with the installation – that would be a legacy mode installation and of course – you will have to see a grub_resuce terminal once you finish installation.

* Prepared USB drive wont show up as a UEFI entry in the boot-menu ( F10 while booting )
* Linux installed in legacy ( no UEFI == Legacy ) – reboot greets you with grub_rescue:
* Reboot shows “Invalid media : blahblah” or something and a grub_resuce terminal is seen.

Fix :
* You can boot directly from the grub_rescue terminal !! Find out in my next blog post.


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