MediaWiki Unit Tests : Truncating table after each test

Writing PHP unit tests for the BounceHandler extension to prune old Bounce Records, I got into a situation where I had to truncate the ‘bounce_records’ and ‘user’ table after each single test. You would want the same when the test manipulates part of your table – and you dont want those changes to show up in your next test. Initially, I did this by manually truncating rows in both the table, but later I came across the use of

$this->tablesUsed = array( ‘table_name1’, ‘table_name2’ );

Implemented by :

class DoSomethingTest extends MediaWikiTestCase {
	protected function setUp() {
		// Your test initialization code here
		$this->tablesUsed = array( 'tableName' );

This would truncate ‘tableName’ table after each test ! Yay.
protected $tablesUsed = array(); is declared in MediaWikiTestCase.php[1] and its contents truncated after each test run !

[Ref : ]

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