[Grub] Fixing GRUB the hard way

It’s been almost an year since I touched the Linux Grub and for the past two days, I have been paying very well for that.
* Created Debian Wheezy (7) live USB disk wont boot in UEFI mode ( It just wont show up in BIOS )
* Windows 8.1 is installed in UEFI mode.
* Debian Wheezy installed in Legacy mode.
* Grub wont show up – shows grub rescue :\
* Tried Boot-Repair : it wont fix as I can only boot the Debian Live in Legacy mode. Boot repair needs Linux to be booted in EFI mode to fix this. Deadlock situation in which the boot repair needs a UEFI booted OS to fix the GRUB and your USB wont boot in UEFI mode.

The following series will be fixing these one by one 🙂 Stay tuned. Happy hacking!

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