Creating Self Hosted puppetmaster in Wikitech labs

While trying to test an exim-puppet patch ( ) which adds a new router in one of my labs instance, I came across the need to create a self hosted puppetmaster. For starters ( like I was few days before ), puppet is a provisioning language, as they call it and applies pre-written configuration files to various daemons and tools coming under its realm. For example, I can set it to generate a standardized exim4.conf file when its run, this standardizing file need not be on the local machine you are working on. A self hosted puppetmaster will have all the configuration files packed inside a local directory – which is inside /var/lib/git/operations/puppet/
Where it come useful :
* It come into use when you want to play around with the default configuration files of your instance.
* When you dont want your changes not to be overwritten by the default puppet configured files.
Steps to make your Wikitech labs instance as a self hosted puppetmaster:
* make sure that all previously enabled roles were applied and puppet is running completely.

$ sudo puppet agent -tv

* go to Special:NovaInstance and select configure on your preferred instance.
* now, add tick the role role::puppet::self . This is our required self puppetmaster role
* go to your instance shell and give the command:

$ sudo service puppetmaster restart
$ sudo puppet agent -tv 

* now make sure you have the pupept repo in your local instance.

$ cd /var/lib/git/operations/puppet/ 

if the folder exists – Yay!
Now, you can apply your operations/puppet patches to this folder.

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