Using puppet realm switch to select between beta/prod ( Wikimedia clusters )

Since the BounceHandler extension is currently installed only in the beta clusters ( Official testing servers of Wikimedia- ), writing a custom router in the exim configs of operations/puppet ( configuration repo managed by puppet ) to collect in all the bounce emails and HTTP POST to the extension API seemed risky. This was due to the fact that operations/puppet is meant for production and something beta specific in it, that too continuous API requests dont look sane ( we cant estimate the traffic yet ).
Marius Hoch ( WMF ) came with the idea of an exim-realm switch, which seemed to solve the issue. You can switch variables between beta and production by:
We edited

$ sudo <editor> templates/exim/manifests/mail.pp

and added this before the inclusion of exim4.conf.SMTP_IMAP_MM.erb.

# config - labs vs. production 
case $::realm {
    'labs' : {
	$verp_post_connect_server = ''
	$verp_bounce_post_url = ''
    'production': {
	$verp_post_connect_server = 'appservers.svc."${::mw_primary}".wmnet'
	$verp_bounce_post_url = ''
    default: {
	fail('unknown realm, should be labs or production')

The internal networks selection was done to make sure the bounce gets POSTed to the right wiki. Now, this configuration can be used in exim4.conf.SMTP_IMAP_MM.erb by editing the bouncehandler router by:

command = /usr/bin/curl -H 'Host: <%= @verp_post_connect_server %>' <%= @verp_bounce_post_url %> -d "action=bouncehandler" --data-urlencode "email@-"

Hope it helps someone in beta šŸ™‚

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