Exim regex: Capture all VERPed emails with a given header pattern

Consider your VERP generater produces a Return-Path header of the form:
and you want a router to capture all bounce emails having this/similar as the To header. This router can serve multiple purpose like – feeding to a bounce processor, silently killing all bounces ( not intended ) or POSTing the email to an API.
Suppose you have a router named bounceprocessor that HTTP POST to an API named bouncehandler at localhost/api.php, we will design the Regex as:

begin routers

	driver = pipe
	domains = +local_domains
	condition = ${if match{$local_part}{^bounces-\w+-\w+-\w+-\w+$}{true}{false}}
	command = /usr/bin/curl "action=bouncehandler" --data-urlencode "email@-" http://localhost/api.php
	user = nobody
	group = nogroup

Please note that

\w = words 
\d = digits 

Thanks to Mark Bergsma and Jeff Green for helping me with the regex.

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