Using Plancake::MailParse library to strip email out of its headers

Due to some issues with composer loading we had to shift our mail parse library from pear::mimeDecode to a more good looking email parse library by Plancake. Just quoting down how we will employ the library to extract headers from an email:
Add the dependancy to your composer.json

        "floriansemm/official-library-php-email-parser": "dev-master"

Now in the mail decode class, add this to perform the extraction:

  * Extract headers from the received bounce email using Plancake mail parser
  * @param string $email
  * @return array $emailHeaders.
public function extractHeaders( $email ) {
	$emailHeaders = array();
	$decoder = new PlancakeEmailParser( $email );

	$emailHeaders[ 'to' ] = $decoder->getHeader( 'To' );
	$emailHeaders[ 'subject' ] = $decoder->getSubject();
	$emailHeaders[ 'date' ] = $decoder->getHeader( 'Date' );
	$emailHeaders[ 'x-failed-recipients' ] = $decoder->getHeader( 'X-Failed-Recipients' );

	return $emailHeaders;

Now you can have the headers ready in $emailHeaders 🙂 yay!
* The library has no other dependencies and looks neat as a whole. The code can be found here : ! Enjoy ! Happy Hacking!

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