Using PEAR::mimeDecode to strip email bounce out of its headers

Writing indigenous email header stripping functions involve tedious work and a lot of regex, as the bounce headers email can be encoded. up/down cased, and saving it, we planned to include the mailMimeDecode class – a pretty straightforward approach. Header stripping is quite easy, and it can be installed via composer too.
* Prepare your composer.json

        "pear/mail_mime-decode": "1.5.5",
        "pear/pear_exception": "1.0.x-dev"

* Now, in the mail decode class, add the following to initialize the mimeDecode object

	// mimeDecode configurations
	$params['include_bodies'] = true;
	$params['decode_bodies'] = true;
	$params['decode_headers'] = true;

	$decoder = new Mail_mimeDecode( $email );
	$structure = $decoder->decode( $params );

	$emailHeaders = $structure->headers;
	$to = $emailHeaders[ 'to' ];
	$subject = $emailHeaders[ 'subject' ];
	$emailDate = $emailHeaders[ 'date' ];
	$permanentFailure = $emailHeaders[ 'x-failed-recipients' ];

Now, you have the To, Subject, Date and X-Failed Recipients headers ready. Please note that, you need to just put the lower-cased default email header-name as ‘key’ in the $emailHeaders array, to fetch it.
Yay! Happy Hacking

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