Forwarding mails to a PHP script with exim4

Forwarding mails to a script enables the Mail admin to work around with the incoming email a bit, before it gets delivered. A VERP address check, destination or sender address extraction, SPAM checks, and a lot more can be done by these e-mail parsing.
* You have a mail addressed to root@localmac and you need to get it directed to a script, located at /var/mail/script.php
* You have exim4 running on port25
* You have got root : root in /etc/aliases – meaning emails to root get delivered to root.
* You have got domainlist local_domains = +system_domains in your exim4.conf
Just to start from the basics:
* add the following to the /etc/exim4.conf

under begin_routers:

# Use the system aliasfile /etc/aliases for system domains
	driver = accept
	domains = +local_domains
	transport = use_pipe

under begin_transport:

	debug_print = " Using the pipe transport"
	driver = pipe
	command = /etc/exim4/script.php

Now, exim is good to go. Thinking of what you will put up in the script.php ?
You can always find it here
Now, test the entire settings by :

# exim -bt root@localmac
>router = system_aliases, transport = use_pipe
# mail -s "Subject" root@localmac
Type the body here. Click ctrl+D to quit
now check in the exim logs
# nano /var/log/exim4/mainlog It will have something like

2014-06-06 18:49:06 1WszCM-000360-D6 root R=system_aliases T=use_pipe
2014-06-06 18:49:06 1WszCM-000360-D6 Completed

The message_id, date and time will vary though 😛
PS:- This looks like my B’day post. I am 20 🙂

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