Exim4: Generating a single exim.conf file

Debian split file configuration of exim4 brings in new opportunities, but if your cluster is small, and you are bored to open various folders to configure your router, transport or acl, you can always go for the earlier single exim.conf. How much it simplifies things, is a mystery. Problem: * Installed exim4 in the Debian split configuration method, configs files split up all over in conf.d/ neatly * You need to generate the earlier singe exim.conf in /etc/exim4/ Solution: * The solution is pretty straight forward — found it somewhere in deep in the docs.

sudo cd /etc/exim4/ 
sudo update-exim4.conf --keepcomments --output /etc/exim4/exim4.conf 

That will do the trick 🙂 Enjoy. PS: You can even go without --keepcomments if the comments seem to clutter up.

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