Git: Preparing a release-tag out of an existing stable branch

Just to mention what branches and tag are, A tag represents a version of a particular branch at a moment in time. A branch represents a separate thread of development that may run concurrently with other development efforts on the same code base[1].
Now, last day I hit into a situation of creating a release tag for the WMF cluster out-of the swiftmailer v5.2.0 stable release.
we will use

foo - our repo
v1.2 - the latest stable release tag in a newly created branch foo/1.2

* The source master-branch is buggy, and you want to impress by taking up their latest stable branch (v1.2).
* You want to push some patches into the checked-out (v1.2) branch, and make it a new release-tagged as v1.2-bar.
* clone the local fork of the repo. (If you have write access, the main one itself)
* create a branch starting from the v1.2 tag.
$ git checkout v1.2
you will reach a detached head state
$ git checkout -b foo/1.2
now you are in a new branch foo/1.2 git status to verify that
* now work around the code, fix up the first patch. After committing
$ git push origin HEAD
This will push all the latest branch and commit into the repo. Continue this for all the patches.
Creating a new release tag:
* Now once all the patches are done and pushed into the repo, do
git tag v1.2
git push origin HEAD
bingo! You will have your new tag ready for release :). Thank You

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