How we conducted The Mini App Days @Amritapuri – Part 02

If you are blank here with the part 02, go back to part 01  anytime and get the basics done 🙂 so back to the topic – 04 August – The main day

Just looking back, I still remember the warden shouting at us, at about 12:15 am for again disturbing his ice, I think 3rd time in a row. Somehow he got cool and even gave us some cake to make sure we felt comfortable (nice man).

Next morning I was awoke by my phone ringing at 7:15 am by my friend and when I inquired when she had slept yesterday, since it was too early, she told me that she had lost her sleep long before 😛 ha. We went to the mess, after waking up all the crew-members and taking with us the flex and posters the Reps have given us the previous day mid-night. The girls too joined us from the College and we were startled to see outside participants arriving at 8:30 am onwards.  We had an awesome guidance team set-up near the main gate to redirect all the arriving participants to the Ammas hotel for their breakfast, and they did it well. I still remember Durga and Maneesha waving the only available App-Day poster at the arriving participants so that they recognized something fishy was going on. Fixing the postures was another mess. The team somehow found some thread somewhere, cleaned it up and put up almost three flex here and there in the campus. Just to get that feel :). Meanwhile, the prayer and coir team along with Santhosh somehow arranged the traditional lamp (nilavilakku) somehow and made it available in the lab. The registration desk was set-up on the ground floor with Roopak, Pooja, Anirudh’s laptop and Akshay’s Tab. Passing through the registration desk later, I saw them busy playing games 🙂 after their work though.

The Reps arrived in the lab by about 10:00 am and Br. Bijuji was grateful to come and light the lamp for us. The reps too lighted the lamp in the tradition and there was one more wick left and Biju ji asked me and Tina to light that one. Lighting a lamp for the first time experience was great :). The event started and we had some problems with the Wi-Fi due to low coverage. Somehow, we could find an alternative, by sharing on of the lap PC connection via WiFi with Tina’s laptop. Later, we went down to get the tea and snacks ready and that went too well. Again, as coordinators, we had to wash all the cups to make them drinkable and return the same in time, no worries. Biju Ji came to us in the meantime, appreciated our works and was happy to see our students interacting so nicely with the outside participants. Welcome to Amrita 🙂

The session was going fun, we distributed the swags, stickers, badges and to add to the surprises, we had the best rain of the year roaring outside, and it was again a tough job to get the participants out till the Ammas hotel to get their lunch ready. The meals were ready, and they never gave the sambar, I was agitated and went to ask for that and the lady there gave me a bowl of sambar and – ? I too asked ” and ..?” she told ” now serve it boy, let this be a fresh experience “, how nice of her. Anyways, serving sambar was of course a nice experience to mention and feeling guilty, we had the Biriyani :).

The Afternoon session started and people were back in the lab, doing tough coding and it was a nice sight to see all of them trying to code their imaginations out. We had to make arrangements ready for the Mozilla Reps to leave, and by about 3:30 pm Naresh had to leave. We had the banana cakes for the participants arriving at the Ashram , and Pooja and Roopak took the pain in walking all the way till Ashram, in rain, finding the package and bringing it back to the campus in time. Again, we arranged the tea for the participants and things were getting quite warm.

Flexes Fun

Now it was almost 5:00 pm, and the time for the remaining reps to leave and we had one more trouble left. One of the security guys at the College had taken down two of our posters by evening telling us that we hadn’t had the permission to stick this thing up and yes .. we had to get that stuff back. We called the guy, and he started with lecturing me on the rules and regulations of putting up flex in Amrita, and sorry, I had to cut in as time was very limited, and just asked where the Flexes where. The flexes where in some unknown location called security office and I remember Tina and me running in the rain to every security office there possible in order to find the stuff, Thanks to him, we found it :).

The reps left, and the lab we were back in the lab, just in time to see a few of the app-demoe’s going on there. This is the best thing about App-Days ;). Many were too afraid to come to the front to present their apps, and we had to push them a bit hard to come up. We could see many new ideas popping up, and that was amazing. The Mozilla reps had only bought one T Shirt with them, due to some shipping errors, and had left to us for the give-away. We just asked ‘ Who do you think was the best app ? ‘ and the participants called out Pooja’s name. She was surprised when we gave her the T Shirt and had to deliver a 2 minute speech too though :). The session winded up with Darshana’s Vote of thanks to the organizing team, which was really heavy! Loved it :).

Thanks again for all those who helped in presence or absence for the event. Special thanks to our mentor Vipin sir, who was always with us, but not in person due to illness.

To list out our teams :-
Prayer Team – Sreedhevi, Athira
Participants guidance- Durga, Manisha
Registration and Food team – Roopak, Pooja
Venue Maintenance – Bhagya, Anup
Flex – Anirudh
Accommodation and Travel – Santhosh, Vaishnav, Akshay
Communication and Co-ordination – K C Archana
and not the least –

Overall Coordinators (we)   – Tina , Tony (me)

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