How we conducted The Mini App Days @Amritapuri – Part 01

For a start, let me warn this is not from a developer point of view, but just ignore if I go too technical somewhere, as that happens.

The FOSS@Amrita, or our FOSS Club conducted The Mini App Days @Amritapuri, basically a technical workshop, which involves registered attendees hanging around to build apps for the newly out geek OS – The Firefox OS. The Browser technology gecko, along with B2G runs simply coded HTML files along with little JScript to add to the calculations and JQUERY, HTML5 and other technologies to style them up. The Amrita event that we hosted had almost 15 outside participants and a 35 of Amrita students itself and 3 Mozilla Reps coming in order to color thing up ! namely Naresh, Mithun and Saurabh. Detailed reports of the event is successfully hosted here 🙂

Coming to the organization point of view, it was of-course a fresh experience for our organization team to conduct such an event, as basically we were new to conducting anything in our college, and since it’s Amrita, we have to run around a lot to get a lot of permission letters signed, and again we were in our Second Year only and we got discrete and Integral Maths :\. When I mention permission letters, I would like to mention that at one time, we had about 9 pending letters in our hand, which were all required to reach their destinations within an hour.

For the Pre-App days on 28 September, we needn’t had to worry much, expect for some lab booking problems, which arose due to one international event which got scheduled on the same day, save us! The Main day event was really an experience. Since our mentor in charge got ill, our sole hope was on our CIR head, Br. Bijukumar, who guided us throughout  the event. It was the first time, I understood, how much hurdles I need to pass even to arrange one time coffee for all the participants. We got the posters printed out somehow for free and pasting it throughout the college was lot fun, specially with my friends Bhagya, Amrutha and Pooja, selecting sensitive areas (mess, water coolers) and pasting stuff!

The work-load was high so we skipped a couple of classes on Saturday, the day before the event, anyway maths can’t be mixed with apps :). We had to contact each and every outside participant one by one, and we were surprised to hear a few last-minute cancellations, but that was welcoming. That day we met many interesting people in our college, specially the guest and accommodation head, Oh! he was way too awesome. To exaggerate, we just went to him with almost 6 permission signed letters and just started with -‘ Sir, about that 55 tea for tomorrow -‘ and he cuts in, takes the phone and speaks ‘ Mr Rajan, some of my kids are telling they need 55 tea for tomorrow 3:00 pm, you will arrange right ?‘ ,and we continues ‘Sir, actually we were to tell we needn’t want that 55 tea -‘ cuts in again, takes the phone and ‘Mr Rajan, just cancel that 55 tea for tomorrow 3:00 pm ok? ‘. 😛 Things were that cool there. But he was the one who made all the food and accommodation ideas work out, and made sure the event never went dry.

We held a small standing committee meeting among the FOSS Club that day evening to discuss the event schedule and Biju Ji’s advice to partition works to all and give him back their status. Everyone became active by then and we could arrange guys and gals for Reception, registration, Prayer, Food, accommodation and each and every stuff. Some decisions on food was a matter, but I think we could manage it neatly.

The guests were arriving by that day night 11:00 pm and we had Santhosh going and picking them up, guiding them to the guest house. Lucky there too! No one was there. Anyway, the attendee made an appearance in about 10 minutes, and things were happy again. We also had 2 of the outside participants reaching here the same night, and we arranged Akshay and Vaishnav to pick them up, all the way from ashram to their hostel, long walk boys. In the night, we had more topics for tension.

04 August! – The main day

I Think the post is getting long enough. I will post it as a part 2 k 🙂 keep reading

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