Pre Mini App Days @Amritapuri

We could successfully conduct the Pre-Mini App Days session yesterday, July 28th 2013. The event was basically aimed for the registered Amrita participants and the new FOSS members in order to introduce them to looks and style of HTML and CSS, so that they could get an edge over others in the upcoming main App Days (04th August). The event started with Aditya’s session on HTML, followed by Durga on CSS and an afternoon session on codeacademy. The participants were introduced into the Firefox OS interface and writing apps using HTML, CSS and Javascript on the evening session by Tina and myself. The event concluded with a roughly 45 mins hackathon, in which participants were asked to build up a simple BMI calculator, which many could finish, earning them goodies ๐Ÿ™‚

About 30 participated in the same, and they could come familiar with the basic concepts of designing and scripting. Gallery and description by Jackson Issac :-
Thanks to each and everyone who helped us in co-ordinating the event.

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