The Azheekal Trip

The Azheekal beach is located about 15 minutes to the North of the Amritapuri Ashram,Kollam, and when the FOSS Entertainment team, prepared a plan to visit there, as part of Take-A-Break program during the Vacations, we never expected this much fun. We had been planning for this for a while, and it all took place on June 29th Evening.
We left from the Ashram about 5 in the evening, after our tea, about 8 of us, with our faculty in charge and our dear Bithin from Amrita Cyber Security. We invited our Java instructor from Google, Sandeep Ghuman, who was really bit tired after his Panch-Karmas in his early twenties,and his Dutch friend, Mathewlls (as I heard it). Managing such a team was a bit difficult for our in charge, and we understood the same, keeping ourself in our best.
We waited a lot for a bus, which never came, and had to finally go by two Auto’s, as the place was near. Being a resident of the Ashram for a year, I had went to the place already, the second day I reached here, and the feelings were mixed.
Introducing Azheekal, the place is famous for its walk-through of about at least 200 metres into the ferocious sea. Ferocious in the sense, we had a Tsunami, hitting a couple of years before. The walk is serene, specially for the calm river on your right side and the waves of the ocean on your left side. It attracts a lot of tourists, and little of native people, as it’s a not so uncommon place in Kerala. All we want was an evening out, and we had it.

We took the walk-through into the sea, on the raised platform, little concreted these days, and yes, was amazed by the  ferociousness of the sea that day. It was a day of the monsoons, but the sky was almost clear. We walked as a team, taking photographs, talking of long-lost sea-stories, and midway through the walk, something terrible happened.
The sea was extremely ferocious that day, and we were hit on the mid-way with a giant-wave. Bithin ettan, understood that something was not right, and called out for the rest of the team, to be ready. I jumped to a nearby rock, save me!. The next wave, was too not that welcoming and almost washed the whole of us, the shortest guy in the team was soaking in sea water, and we sensed trouble. Naturally, Bithin ettan reacted instantly by shouting out loud “ESCAPE! Run for your life!!”, and he grabbed the hands of two of the girls from our confused team, and ran to the opening end.

ESCAPE!!  The view after the splash
The view after the splash

I was standing there, struck for a minute, excited at the power of the waves, wondering how a Tsunami could have been, and joined the escape, with three of my team. Bithin ettan and the girls, were stuck in the middle of their run by another gigantic wave cross-cutting the platform, and they were like- Sudden brake! I still remember this scene, it was an epic one. It was so nice to see film-like stunts alive, after all. Funny thing was, the English and the Dutch guy, were still in the half-way, taking snaps of the waves, enjoying the trauma. Bithin ettan was agitated, and of course, frightened, like all of us, as after all he was the in-charge, and it was his best friends too. What an evening! Even though the situation was scary, we enjoyed it to the fullest, and were pointing, what a loss it had been, if the wave wouldn’t have struck :).
Later, we moved to the Azheekal beach, a marvellous beach, blessed by an inflow of cold water, a little prior to the sea, on the beach, and the view was nice. We played in the waters, took some photographs, and came back on shore to meet our foreign friends. Again fun was in the fullest. Mr.Ghuman experimently showed how strong his Samsung S III was by doing a live drop test right in front of us, into the beach floor. Bithin ettan was aghast, and he too almost threw out his Nokia 1600 into the sea, ‘just in case’, and we stopped him. We took a return bus to the Ashram, and we laughed and laughed the whole way, recollecting the scenes!
Thanks to our Faculty in charge, the Entertainment team, and of course our Department for allowing us for such an eventful trip.

Our Team ! with Bithin Ettan

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