Sreesanth- How the Media did the ‘FIXING’

The Other Side Of the Story !

Seriously, If you ask me why I am writing this post, again against the media, ‘ It just irritates me’. Not a humble excuse for an Engineering student for not reading the NewsPaper though. This time , the topic is the IPL Spot-Fixing and Sreesanth- The so called ‘Mallu Fixer’.

IPL Spot-Fixing and Sreesanth ? The topic looks matched uneven. Its a fact that the majority of the media seems to ignore, but what hurts me is that the modern educated Indian is too,ignoring it. Firstly, I would like to confess that I have no personal sentiment to this Sreesanth guy other than he is from Kerala, and used to make Kerala and India proud.

I was just amazed by the Newspaper reports that were coming out in the local dailies after 16 May, the arrest of S Sreesanth along with Ajit Chandela and Ankit CIPL-sleze-Cond8023havan. The enthusiasm of the malayalam dailies to character assassin was topping. Now, the following contents would look little radical, but just think about the other side. I am leaving the arrest and police issues, leave it to them.

The Newspaper told that Sreesanth was caught in a car with a girl. The media were celebrating it so hard that they wanted to know all about the girl, whether she is Sreesanth’s n-th girlfriend blah blah. Excuse me, is this a big crime in a city like Mumbai? Shouldn’t we malayalees be ashamed of the newspapers still considering us as some traditional aristocrats, who believes men and women should not be seen together? Again, something that caught me in the eye was another report on Sreesanth gifting one (or two) of his female friends a mobile phone, that too with the exact model name,number and price :o. What is this? He’s got a job people, it’s cricket and he is rich. Is giving gifts, a big issue? Thirdly, again interesting, another report on Sreesanth laptop contents. The paper reports that there were photographs of a lot of models in it.Media did went crazy on it again, we are malayalees right ?, saving photographs of models is a big crime :o, I should check the editors phone :D.Fourthly, another report says Sreesanth bought branded clothing, one says,’Diesel’; I don’t understand how the malayalees are able to entertain these type reports. Should we raise to some level at some point ?

I don’t justify any act of betting or other fixing in my article, but was sad at the poor attitude of the media. Similar instances always haunted the glamour minister Shashi Tharror, Ranjani Haridhas etc. The thing is no one cares to think whether there exists an another side of the story. I consider IPL similar to the WWE matches, Undertaker is buried in the Tuesday edition and comes back next Monday Night. It’s entertainment and who is forced to play the role of the scape goat?

Disclaimer:- Just wrote because I couldn’t take (IPL betting == Sreesanth)Ā  ! You are free to oppose.

5 thoughts on “Sreesanth- How the Media did the ‘FIXING’

  1. Ah! A good read I’d say. Though (consider it constructive criticism šŸ˜› ) you do need to polish out a few ends.
    Coming to the topic, I couldn’t agree more. There was a time when man was devoted to his duty. Today, he is devoted to his money. Why else would an organisation who’s prime aim is to report the facts, sit, group up, plan, attack and then prey upon it for just a few numbers of TRP rating. Ultimately it comes down to more viewers, more money. Who cares about the content. If we’ve got a problem, we can shut it. Zip it and go on. Oh! We wanna complain? Sure we have the freedom to. They have the freedom not to take any action. In the end, it’s money that it all comes down to. And this is just the tip. Hope I didn’t rant too much…
    Anyway, Keep it coming bro.


    • Very well said bro. Regarding the TRP ratings, the funny thing is that always the targetted falls in its low rank. The big fishes and his family is still in the safe zone. Yesterday, the Delhi Police got enough blame from the Metropoletean Magistrate for their doings. ‘ Is this case a fake one’, the court was forced to question. LOL. Good that people are seeing into the facts.


  2. yeah ttt , I do feel the media has crossed the line , but then exaggeration is part of the human nature , isn’t it ? we all do that ! The media probably takes it to the next level and very publicly too . Should we blame them for that ? #confused :0
    Anyways , the opinion of the minority always tends to get suppressed , I’m afraid we are a part of it .
    Nice Read šŸ™‚


    • Thanks Harish, Exaggeration is part of the human nature!, indeed, but since either me or you are not in the position, we cannot fully guarantee how exageration works.You know, it really hurts when you are the one accused. The media is supposed to spread the truth, and if they starts exaggerating, then where would it lead, I’m curious šŸ™‚


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