NIT-Calicut was always my dream college, and this time, when our mentor told us about the the ‘ FOSS meet’ , we had little hope that things would turn out well, and above all that we would be going.To elaborate, we left from Amritapuri on 22/02/13 morning by the 7:00 a.m bus and it was nice too see all the long and tiresome meetings and speculations regarding the trip coming to an end .Yes, we were going at last !. Our team comprised of 21 members with about 9 boys and the rest of them girls, with our P.hd scholar- Giri and our sister Sowmya. Somehow, we managed to catch the Parasuram Express (or was it ? :\), the ladies made it into their compartment, and since there was no gents coach, we made it on our legs for a few hours. #giri was trending in the compartment and we never felt bored. Later, we arrived at Calicut at about 4:00 pm in the evening.  Little refreshments, and we set out to the prestigious NIT-C canteen and the college 😀 ;yes, we were damn hungry. The canteen was cool, yes.!

Next was the inauguration followed by the Keynote talk by V Sasi Kumar. He touched various aspects of using the free softwares, the GPL licenses e.t.c. The talk was introductory and  sometimes I remember like dozing off, or I did I ?  . I knew I could withstand continuous Mathematics or Electrical classes, but the voice was low here and the environment just switched me off. We had the registrations done, had our food in the canteen, and came back to the college for the late-night session on Ethical Hacking. The talk was put up for 8:30 and we reached there by 9:30 and the things weren’t started yet :(. The A.C and Power failed several times, and the class was again so noob-ish that we were little disappointed,yes, but we could interact with some of the volunteers and people there and grab some info. We went back to our accommodation dormitory and tried to get the good night sleep, but was cruelly haunted by bloody mosquitoes. We had to wait for the mosquitoes to sleep, or the either way, but nothing happened, and we +/- slept :\.

Second day was way too awesome as I would mark. Morning, we had an awesome session on Scala by Mr. Pramode CE. He was successful in  getting some ideas about the functional programming language into our head. Afternoon, for  a change some 9 of us thought about roaming the campus, and we enjoyed a lot, comparing and contrasting labs and departments there. In the middle, I was attacked by a ferocious birdy and it was successfull in dropping the excreta on2013-02-24_14-40-14_750 my pink shirt, thanks to one of my friends who found it, I could change :D.The Mechanical labs were too big and the campus was neatly mainatined, if you didn’t consider the Boys hostel, which was #terrible.  This was the day we met the big-boss at the mini-Deb-conf . The talk was on some installation of Debian linux #unstable and I and one of my friends were having regular issues on the 3rd step, but beleive me we were the first to completes the first two. The session started by noon, and by about 8:30 in the afternoon, we were able to install the Debian smoothly, meanwhile we made company with the boss, or he was mad at me, and they all claped their hands off- when we finished the Debian installation.we made it! Supper was provided and the deb-conf resumed with talks and introductions from and to various persons who have contributed to the Open source community and GSoc. The debate went and went and we understood the risk, when they provided as Black-tea at about 11:00 in the night, this thing was non-ending.Phew! people got bored, and we bunked out after we were sure we grasped enough on how to get GSoc and all.   Meanwhile we found little enjoyment by cracking the root in one of the fedora machines there.

DSC_0044That night we walked the girls to their hostels (Security matters) and Vaishnav, me and Giri ettan set to roam into the P.G hostels. The apartments were magnificently built and the planning was so awesome, we felt jealous. Later we had a tea and accidently took some wrong way meanwhile and ended up on the road to the Ladies hostel and the security was curious ” You people went to L.H ?” we acted like L.H= Left Hand and #giri explained about the wrong road taken. Fun was always in the air and when the second day got finished, we were tired and slept off, let the mosquitoes bite :\.

If you are still reading this, then you probably would like to hear about the third day 😀 . Welcome day 3, we had talks by our seniors Giri and Sowmya on the same stage and same day.  Accidentally Giri’s laptop failed after four years, lucky for him we had a spare ready! The talks were informative and we enjoyed a lot. The organizing team were desperate we Amritapuri team should participate in the Open-Mapping talk by Mr.Pavithran, and we went for it; funny I met the big-boss there, he still remembered the poor me@debian

We had our bus arriving only at 9:20 p.m and we had almost 5 hours left to roam Calicut a bit. We arrived at the Focus Mall,Calicut by almost 6:00 p.m and started the usual round- roaming. We got into some food courts, but the prices were not worth courting- we satisfied with some small cool-drinks. The Reliance Digital mall was awesome as it always is, and for the first time I was opening and checking out Washing-Machines and Dishwashers- 😛 . Next was the dinner time and hotel Sagara was ready; The order was not that heavy but, couldn’t eat that well.The fish-curry was not upto my expectations :(. Thanks to the blog, just strucked me that I never paid the bill! LOL!

DSC_0315The next phase was the KSRTC_SuperDeluxe_bus phase and we had over 20 tickets booked allright.Half of the bus was team_FOSS and we used it very well. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to all the other passengers. The bus travel was quite miserable and enjoyable yes, thanks to my friends, we laughed and laughed a lot.Many stories and plans got created, edited and published in the bus, again we laughed a lot.#giri was again trending, but dozed off later by about 1:30 a.m. I too remember that time, and the next time I opened my eyes was 4:00 am in the morning ! BINGO we reached kayankulam, 2:30 hours early :\. We returned via autos in teams of five and I remeber reaching my hostel room got onto bed and … !

Disclaimer:Thanks to all my faculty, team members, each and everyone who worked behind the success of this trip, which at a point almost got cancelled.


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