Thenmala Trip_FOSS

When the Faculties coded an one-day tour ,we never thought Thenmala would turn out that awesome. The tour was well placed and well planned and really was a 12 hour enjoyment. Thanks to our Team.

We left from our campus, about 6:15 am in the morning, with the prayer. Things changed when they turned on the JBL , couldn’t believe my eyes when all my red-tagged faculties jumped on the floor, screaming and dancing their life out. The 40 Kms till the hill top was simply awesome. We reached the hilltop, pulled out our breakfast, and we suddenly got company from the monkeys circling us. Scene changed when they turned aggressive and tried snatching our breaks, wait we evolved from them they say right? we were better at snatching things back :D.

IMG_4095Next was the Thenmala waterfall, or Palaruvi, famous for the steep crystal clear water-fall ; and believe me it was long time since i had seen one since my hostel life (Clear water). We took snaps from the rocks, sitting, standing, lying, … Things were heaven up here. My faculties including Adhiyettan, Rahulettan, my friends too jumped into the same. It was nice to see people who never thought about bathing enjoying the water out ..:)  Obvious right ?

We left from there, and the next destination was the Adventure zone, and like it said, it was adventurous. We entered the forest and amazing rides awaited us there. The plastic free zone was well maintained and reflected natures perfection. We jumped on trampoline, did lake ride on boat, rope riding, rope gliding and lots lots more. The big thing was we were not having any restriction and, thats when the genius comes out right ?. We enjoyed that the best way. I personally took myself into some big risks (:P) and ended up aching my back though.

It was 2:00 and food time, it was a nice change from the mess , we expected some non-veg though. 😀 . Then the faculty team came up with the idea of a short-skit with-moral-values-in-5-minutes-5-teams and aghast!! we exclaimed oIMG_4154ur ( Sheeshhh..!!) .Things changed when we were taken to the Thenmala Dam-Park and  a short preparation time was given. Mine was team 1, and we had like all other groups, awesome guys :D. Somehow, my role was a smoky-drunkard college boy, mislead by the world outside, and how he would’ve changed, given a rewind. The crowd was amazing and many thought I was a professional drunk 😦 . I’m not 🙂

Team 2 came with the idea of how modern medication was being misused and why we should blame the system and not the department.The referral from Neuro to Nephro then to mortuary , all for a wrist ache was awesome. Team 3 came up with a typical FOSS class, which was hilarious with imitations and comments. They also depicted an interview and showed why be an Amritian , say LOL to IIT :D. Team 4 and Team 5 got the challenge of performing in a public look-out place and they handled it well from the Thenmala tower, where we stopped for tea. The view was amazing and the performance too. Team 4 acted the need of values in family, how the children of today go wrong,taking Dad’s ATM. Team 6 showed the false cry of todays world, and the cry was far heard, public came up to see what was happening though. They also showed the valueless and clueless government officials, mislead and black-mailed by crazy crews.

When we were asked ” PACK-UP ” in the end, we packed our bags,  mind still on the hang-over from that awesome day. I thank the invited guests of our trip Br.Biju and K.P sir, who entertained us with their presence. The organizing team with Vipin Sir, my brothers Rahul,Bithin,Sai,Giri,Shanker, and sisters was wonderful. The imitations done by Giriettan kept us laughing for a while. Our Big Brother Aditya was the one behind the total organization and ordination, and Hats-Off to him. Last but not the least, I thank all my FOSS friends, who made the day a huge page in my life.. 🙂 Thank you !


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